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Did two ficlets today, for comment_fic

For: holdur
Prompt: Doctor Who, any, if you go far enough, you'll find even the Doctor doesn't know everything

"Okay," Amy said, cautious not to leave the safety of the TARDiS upon first glance of the world surrounding them. "I'm confused."

The Doctor popped his head out, a lopsided smirk on his face. "Oh, wow." He said, hopping straight out of the police box and onto the florescent ground, sinking straight to his ankles. He let out a pleasantly surprised gasp. "What in the--"

"Doctor, get back in here!" Amy shouted. Steam, of a sort, rose out of the spots where his feet had sunk in. Amy grasped onto the Doctor's shoulder and tried pulling him back out. "I thought," she said, tugging on him against his will, "you told me," she yanked again, "that we were going to," tug, "a nice, relaxing planet!" She tugged once more, and, losing her grip, fell back into the TARDiS, hard on her rear.

"I did say that, didn't I?" The Doctor agreed absentmindedly. Amy gathered herself up and dusted the seat of her shorts off.

"This isn't very relaxing to me," she chided.

The Doctor made a non-commital sound, and trudged forward in the jello'esq floor. "Do you see that over there?" He asked. Amy tried to look, but couldn't quite make heads or tails of anything around her. For one, there wasn't quite any sky above, nor even a ground. What there was of it, of anything she saw, was almost translucent and glowed faintly. There were mounds of... stuff... everywhere. Honestly, it was almost like one of those 3D images you have to cross your eyes to see, only she was never very good at figuring those out.

"No, Doctor, I don't see."

"Over there," he said excitedly.

She looked again, but shook her head, slightly aghast. "I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about. What is it?"

The Doctor paused, then, looking over his shoulder with a manic smile, said, "I haven't any idea. Let's go and poke it with a stick, shall we?"

For: juliet316
Prompt: BtVS, Xander, he's not that incompetent around technology

"UGH!" Cordelia shrieked, her eyebrows knit so tight Xander was afraid she'd give herself a brain aneurism. "I can't download this stupid file for my stupid biology stupid homework!" She punctuated each 'stupid' with a sharp whap to the monitor. Xander stood from her bed, where he was diligently not doing his own biology assignment, and crossed to where she sat and rubbed her arms gently.

"Why don't you go ahead and go to the kitchen and get yourself an ice tea or something, okay? Let me see what I can do."

Cordelia let out a frustrated sigh. "We're out of diet. And why don't you call that geeky Willow, she's good with computers."

Xander rolled his eyes. "Okay, first; ouch, my masculinity. Second, you don't think I can spend so much time hanging with my best friend and not have her rub off on me?" Cordelia shot him a look that could have melted ice, refroze it, and melted it again. Xander stammered nervously, "Which is to say, of course, that I may have learned a trick or two."

Cordelia sighed in resignation, and stood and made for the bedrooms doorway. "Fine. I'm going to make myself an all-fruit smoothie. If you don't want me to pour it all over this stupid computer when I get back, get it fixed." Xander nodded, figuring nothing would be lost either way. Her daddy would just buy her another one if she did. Like he did last time.

As soon as she left, Xander went to work. First he closed the plethora of programs she let sit open, sucking up all the memory. Then he cleared her recycle bin, cookies, and anything else that might be hogging up space. Finally he plugged the LAN line back into the computer, because apparently Miss Congeniality decided it was actually slowing the download down for some insane reason. At least she had her looks.

Before long, Xander heard Cordelia coming back to the room. As she rounded the doorway, two smoothies in hand, he gave the computer a good whap on the tower and, like not-actually-magic magic, the file finished downloading.

Cordelia gave him an approving smile and handed him one of the cups. "My hero. What'd you do?"

"Oh," Xander said with a mouthful of strawberry-banana drink, "sometimes you just have to give it a good whack or two."

She arched her eyebrows approvingly. "Wow. Willow really knows computers, doesn't she?" Xander couldn't tell if that was sarcasm or not. "It's a wonder you got anything done though, with that stupid cable hooked in, sucking up all the internet," she said, unplugging the LAN line again.

Xander didn't bother correcting her, too into his delicious smoothie to care.
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