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Writing Archive

Here you can find everything that I've written in recent years. At least what I've posted on LiveJournal, or other sites. Archive will be updated as I write more. If you read a story, please comment to give me happy smiles for my face. I will eventually archive comics as well.

                    Original One-Shots:
          Poetry & Lyrics
Sweet Epiphany
Pardon Me
I Don't Want An Angel

          Short Stories & Prose
Do Not Disturb - The morning after a night of passion. Warning: Gorror.

The End Of Time... Again/a> - A champion (or two) is called.

A Little Piece Of History - He'd never intended to own a piece of history.

Flesh - In a dead world, you've gotta find what makes you smile. Snippet from Doomed From The Get Go.

Minding The Bridge - Man finally touches foot on Mars. Beginning of an incomplete story.

The Perks Of Being Immortal - It's best just to sleep.

Current Crush - My five-minute obsession.

The Prophesied, Ch. 1 - Whether you like it or not, sometimes you're the Chosen One. Incomplete series.

In The End - He always wanted to see the snow. Unused snippet from Death Head.

Lost My Voice - A ghost story.

                    Fan Fiction One-Shots:
          Firefly / Serenity:
Fluid, Ch. 1, Wash/Zoë, Wash/Jayne - Wash is having a hell of a night, and even more confusing morning after. Slash. INCOMPLETE series, will never be.

Because, Baby, I'm A Pirate, Ch. 1, River/Wash/Simon - River is trying to fit in, Simon just wants the truth, and Wash just can't catch a break. INCOMPLETE series, will never be.

(Lost) In The Cold, Cold World, Jayne/OFC (Noh) - After leaving Serenity, Jayne finds himself alone in the big, wide 'verse. Post-BDM, slight AU, het.

Upon A..., Mal/Wash - After an adventure in wish making, Mal's world shifts dramatically. AU, slash, gratuitous mustache.

A Lifetime, River&Simon - River is as beautiful as ever when she comes to collect Simon. Character death.

          Doctor Who:
Gullible, Ten&Noble - Who kissed Who?

The Mystery Of The Place, Ten&Noble - Stonehenge remains one of the universes greater mysteries. Pre-Pandorica.

If You Go Far Enough..., Eleven&Amy - If you go far enough, you'll find something even the Doctor doesn't know.

Five Times Shawn Hit On Lassie, and The One Time It Worked, Shawn/Lassiter - During a particularly dangerous case, Shawn strikes out five times, and succeeds once. Slash.

March 32nd, Shawn/Lassiter - Sometimes you're the last to know you're getting married. Established relationship.

          Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Double-O Secret Nerd Herder, Xander/Cordelia - Xander may have picked a thing or two up from Willow during high school.

          Being Human:
Hunting Together, George&Mitchell - Werewolves make the greatest bargain hunters. Scroll down on page to find fic.

          Dresden Files:
The Test, Dresden&Morgan - "Did I pass the test?" "Class dismissed."

The Noise, Aeryn/Chrichton - A mysterious sound forces Aeryn to look into her past. Post-Peacekeeper Wars, AU, character death.

          X-Men 'Verse:
Playing Teacher, Logan/Victor - Victor joins Logan at Xavier's school, and pretends to not love it.

          Left 4 Dead:
I Must Go On Standing, Zoey. The day it all starts.

          Harry Potter:

                    Fan Fiction Series:
Feed Me To Stones
Firefly/Serenity, Mal/Jayne - Mal has just lost everything- literally- and Jayne is the only one by his side. But he’s not too sure how good of a thing that is yet. Post BDM, slightly AU, slash. INCOMPLETE.
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander/Larry - Now that Xander is finally set in the way things are, a man he thought was dead comes back into his life, singing and dancing. Slash, post-Chosen, slight-AU. INCOMPLETE.
Ch. 1, Brown Eyed Boy | Ch. 2, The Torso Laying At Your Feet

The Case Of The Disappearing Floor
Psych, Shawn/Lassiter - Lassiter, trying to keep Shawn away from a case he's been barred from, follows him right into a bad situation. Juliet and Gus now must find them before it's too late. Slash. INCOMPLETE.
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2
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